Tuesday, November 17, 2015

No Need to Fear Death

Author P.M.H. Atwater stated, "somewhere there is always life," meaning, there is no such thing as death. Death is only an illusion because the physical body simply houses the immortal soul during its sojourn in a three-dimensional reality. We are eternal souls that live forever. We are energetic light beings that incarnated on Earth by our own choice, to learn and experience lessons needed for the evolution and maturation of the soul.

Every person on this planet, before incarnating, created a 'Life Plan'. Very few of us remember this plan, and those minute few who do, certainly don't follow it to the letter. We have free will to study, research, focus on our goals, tweak and alter the plan as we 'grow'. This leads to enlightenment and the discovery of the Soul. Wisdom and forthrightness are nullified if we resort to scapegoating and classifying ourselves as a victim, in any regard or scenario.

We also have the option to benightedly roam the terraqueous plains, while clinging to medieval canonical folklore that only serves to detach the human species from the truth about who we are and the immense power of our energy/spirit/soul. Like the animated movie, "The Lion King," our higher selves are constantly repeating the directive given to Simba (Matthew Broderick) by his late father Mufasa (James Earl Jones), "You are more than what you have become."

Once we arrive in this three-dimensional, dense reality called Earth, an 'amnesiac block' prevents us from remembering the fact that we are immortal light beings, encased in a physical body.

God, or the 'Source' from which we all emanated doesn't control our lives nor does this entity make rules for us to follow.

Our connection to 'Source' is tantamount to a cup of water dipped into the ocean; the contents of the cup have the very same elements of the ocean. This collective Deity - if you will - is the sum total of everything in the multiverse. Therefore, no matter what you do in this life/incarnation, we all return to this Source, residing in the spiritual/energetic/light dimension, which is our true home. We're simply on a journey; a quest to study 'abroad', if you will.

To make this point a bit more concise, consider the fact that most people who have had "Near Death Experiences" say pretty much the same things regarding our 'heavenly' home: (1) Their brief trip back is familiar; and (2) they feel much more 'alive' there than they have ever felt in the earthly realm.

There is no judgement, no punishment after our physical demise, and there is no such place as "Hell" (this fictitious place was created by man for the sole purpose of manipulation).

We choose our exit points. For example, if 300 people on board a plane, all perish at the same time, those souls chose to go at that particular time. We all have free will and everyday we interact with other people.

So what prevents the myriad intermingling free wills from causing an accident that might create a premature, unscheduled death? One duty of our guardian angels (or spiritual stewards) is to make sure that your physical death does not occur impetuously or 'before your time'. If you are not meant to be one of the 300 passengers aboard the airplane that crashes and everyone perishes, you'll miraculously miss that flight.

Another example, the thousands of people who perished in the 9/11 calamity, there were reports that a few people, who either never miss work, or never show up late, were late or missed work on that fateful day. What occurs is that you have an angelic spirit, working on your behalf to make sure that your soul has the ultimate choice of when you die. This esoteric precept is also applicable to a child who transitions.

The Source (the entity we refer to as God) does not judge us, does not make rules for us to follow, and does not punish us. This means, in effect, as author Garnet Schulhauser, points out in his book, "Dancing on a Stamp: Startling Revelations from the Other Side":

"This means, in effect, that even murderers and terrorist go to the Spirit side after they die." Garnet then says to 'Albert' (Albert is his spirit guide, who appeared to him as a homeless man and took him on a journey to the "Other Side"), "To most people on Earth, that would appear to be an unjust result." "Why would somebody bad, as a murderer, get to go to the same place as a Mother Teresa?" Albert informed him, "that's because you're looking at things from an earthly perspective. Once you're back on the spirit side and you understand how life on Earth works, then you'll understand and it will all make sense to you."

Furthermore, most people are so enmeshed into archaic religious stories about a "punishing, vindictive, jealous God," who has favorites or a "chosen few," and can't fathom any other form of divine justice.
No one will judge you but yourself, in a multi-dimensional life review that can be viewed from myriad perspectives; all designed for learning and the maturation of the soul.

Life reviews are not designed to make you feel guilty or bad, it's all a learning experience to help you grow and prepare for your next incarnation; if you so desire to reincarnate on planet Earth. You have quintillions of other "Goldilocks planets" to choose from. Again, as the late P.M.H. Atwater stated, "Somewhere there is always life."

If you're fearful or anxious about the dying process, bear in mind that 'crossing over' is actually a pleasant experience (not to mention the fact that we've all done so, numerous times). The soul leaves the body moments before the final death event. Once your soul has decided, this will be the exit point, you feel no pain.

If you were to lose your life in a car accident, and this is your exit-point (or your time to die) your soul would leave your body moments before impact, or moments before the 'death event'. You would leave your body and watch the event as if you're watching a movie. At this point, you totally understand the body is just a shell, immediately discarded, no longer needed, and you move on.

We are indestructible, energetic Beings of Light, residing and experiencing, in an infinite, multidimensional universe.

"We're on a journey that never ends; on a path of evolution with no finish."

We are spirits exploring an ever-expanding, ever-changing universe and we will never see it all.

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