Friday, November 11, 2016

Response to a Religious Zealot

I received a message, out of the blue, from a religious zealot on a dating site. Apparently she felt the need to chastise me, based on what's on my profile. You have to select an affiliation that shows on your profile, such as "Christian, Baptist, Islam, Buddhist, non-religious," and a few others. My choice is 'Non-religious'.

Also written on my profile is the type of woman I'm looking for:

"Looking for a lady who takes care of herself physically, mentally and spiritually. Also would like to find a woman who enjoys reading; a woman who can stimulate me intellectually is a definite plus."

"I am NOT INTERESTED in obese, overweight women."

"The fake/imitation/weaved hair... my sistahs, at least try to make it look real.. some-a-y'all walking-round with straight carpet on your head, thinking you look good. The natural look is nothing to be ashamed of and it looks a thousand times better on women of color!"

That's a portion of what's on MY PROFILE. If a woman comes across a profile and doesn't like it, generally, she move's on to the next one, as I often do when I come across a female's profile that does not interest me. Sure, my profile is a bit gruff, straightforward and to the point. Some women think it's rude, while others like the candidness, wry humor and sarcasm associated with my profile.

However, this holier-than-thou sister takes it upon herself to belittle me. She wrote, "I see why you are non-religious because you are RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL."

Wrong person to come at like that because I'll put you on blast!

Here are the first two paragraphs on 'Mother Teresa's' profile:


"My profile says Dallas but I'm actually in Memphis. I am not trying to be deceitful but I have my reasons and I will discuss them with you later."

"I am a saved woman who loves Jesus
I am loyal to a fault
A teacher/ accomplished 3 degrees in education
A communicator
A great listener"

My Response:

I'm non-religious because I've utilized the past few decades to study, read and research pre-Christian literature, the Sumerian and Egyptian cultures, energy, cosmology and various other metaphysical topics that clearly point out the duplicity and colossal fraud behind Christianity and Islam; two belief systems of the same sinister feather, both created and designed to control your mind and your pocketbook.

It's also quite judgemental of you to call a person rude and disrespectful who you have never spoke to, never met, never will meet.

You and millions of other imbecilic followers
(especially if you are African American, considering the fact that the Christian story, along with your apocryphal Savior was  lifted directly from Egyptian mythos - see Horus) do not realize, nor are you concerned that the Christian religion was brutally forced on your ancestors and erroneously passed down from past generations.

You've been brainwashed from birth to believe that a white man is going to return - through the clouds - and save the day. Believers are beyond gullible and do absolutely no independent study outside of a 2000 year old book written by men who thought the earth was flat, who thought the earth was the center of the universe - when its not even the center of its own planetary system. When astronomers and scientist tried to point these cosmological facts out, through telescopic and scientific research, the Church (Pope) and the evil men of the Inquisition, deemed them Heretics and ordered them to be burned alive.

If you truly and objectively studied the origins of the Christian religion, especially being a woman of color, with all the rapes and murders by white men perpetrated against your ancestors under the banner of this sordid, macabre religion; if you did the research, you would be ashamed of your buffoonery and no longer identify with the evil enterprise that is Christianity.