Sunday, July 30, 2017

My Brothers Keeper

The heart of societies problem is the separation of humanity from the natural world. Our global community is erroneously predicated on separatism. 

We fashion our lives on the idea of being significant at the expense of others. This way of thinking has adversely affected our world.

Humans are not a species that should be isolated from plants, animals, trees and other people. Since this pseudo disconnection has occurred, its crucial that  humanity reinvent itself to be sustanible or we will face extinction. 

The foundation of nature is cooperation and democracy. The current hierarchical structure, buttressed by religion, politics and megalomaniacs, will lead to our collective demise. From birds and insects to fish and mammals; a colony of ants, mass animal migrations, and the mesmerizing murmurations of starlings, it's in our DNA to work together as one... but we foolishly refuse to do so.

If you talk to people in aboriginal and indegenious cultures, you'll find that the highest societal value is cooperation. Competition is a very low value and competition beyond certain boundaries is considered mental illness. If you look at the priorities of the United States, it's just the opposite; cooperation is a very low value while competition is a much more valuable commodity. 

Kingdoms, government, religion and hierarchy are not the natural order of things. Two scientists put this hypothesis to the test by studying a herd of red deer. Larissa Conradt and Timothy J. Roper found that there is "consensus decision making in animals."  

They placed video cameras in the trees to study the herd. At some point and time the deer have to go to one of the watering holes and this is not a small decision to make. If they go too soon, some of the members won't get enough nutrients; if they go too late, some of the members my get dehydrated; if they go on speed some may not be able to keep up and be vulnerable to predators.

What they observed was, while the deer grazed some would start facing in the direction of one of a few nearby water holes. When the 51st percentage - if you had a herd of 100 deer, when the 51st deer faced a certain water hole - in a matter of moments the herd would go to that water hole. In other words they operated on a democratic, cooperative basis.

When Darwin wrote "The Descent of Man," he mentioned 'survival of the fittest' twice and the word 'love' 95 times. Darwin's observations were an early indication that we are hardwired for a compassionate response to the trouble of others. In other words, we are born to be our brothers keeper.  We see this compassion, love, empathy and respect inside church walls, but once outside, those loving emotions are neatly tucked away until next Sunday.

Human beings are part of an indivisible universal energy field. Einstein said, "There is no place in this new kind of physics [Quantum] both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality."

We live in a participatory universe and co-create with other species that are part of our global ecosystem. Everything we do in the world is simultaneously changing it. One percent of the air is an element called Argon. Every breath we take has millions of Argon atoms that were in the bodies of dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. We are connected by Argons across the centuries, across space and time.  

"A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving..." ~ Albert Einstein

Excerpt from the documentary, "I Am":

"Nature is very clear on [hoarding and greed]. There is one fundamental law that all of nature obeys but mankind breaks every day. This law has evolved over billions of years: nothing in nature takes more than it needs, when somethings does, it becomes subject to this law and dies off. An ocean, rainforest, the human body are all cooperatives. A redwood tree doesn't take all of the soils and nutrients, just what it needs to grow. A lion doesn't kill every gazelle, just one. We have a term for something in the body when it takes more than its share, we call it cancer."

"You might think of this cultural web of life as being an ethnosphere. Ethnosphere is defined as being the sum total of all thoughts and dreams, myths, ideas, inspirations, intuitions brought into being by the human imagination since the dawn of consciousness." ~ Wade Davis

Because of the egregious historical nature of humanity, our ethnosphere is in dire need of repair. In all the vastness of the multiverse, as Dr. Carl Sagan stated, "there is no hint that help from elsewhere will save us from ourselves."