Saturday, August 5, 2017

Do Not Respond

Amazon's upcoming drama series entitled "Black America" is creating a furor with racist White America. "In the back story of "Black America," the Confederacy was defeated. But instead of enduring the painful eras of Reconstruction and Jim Crow, African-Americans received reparations. The former slaves and freedmen claimed Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, a nation known as New Colonia."

The racist pockets that exist in America are up in arms about this fictional upcoming show. Key word, "fictional." The article writer will not waste any time repeating any of the outlandish, ignorant statements made by these "Jethro's" because it doesn't matter. Their opinion does not matter. They hate black folks and that will not change unless their eyes are opened by the universe via a life-altering event.

My question to Black America is this, "Why do we justify the absurdity of these statements with a response?" Why? More than 30% of White America has made it crystal clear - they do not like us. Period. Therefore, trying to debate these folks about anything - unless you're arguing about who was the greater nemesis: Foghorn Leghorn or Elmer Fudd - is an exercise in futility. It's a complete waste of time and energy. As Mark Twain stated, "never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."

These people are racist to their very core so nothing you can say would sway that opinion. This type of inert, embedded evil and hatred lies at the very core of their soul and that will only change through reincarnation.

This is what black folks need to understand; it does not matter what they say so STOP responding. If you're a parent, remember shortly after your kids learned to speak, they were non-stop from that point to about the next 3-5 years. Remember? And some parents are dealing with this particular stage as they are reading this article. So what did we learn how to do? We learned how to listen 'selectively'. Right?

Your kid makes the following statement to you (and usually the statement includes one or two rhetorical questions):

"Mom/Dad Zorro's cape is not red it's blue because when I was talking to him on the TV, that's what he told me... but then that's not what Bugs Bunny said and he was talking to Mr. Fudd about Zorro.. oh, wait, that wasn't Bugs Bunny, that was my friend Jenny. Jenny has a dog named 'Bugs' and she was thinking about Zorro.. oh, no, she had a cat named Zorro.."

And on and on and on... Now, are you going to respond to any of that? No! Because you are listening selectively. Plus, if you respond in any form or fashion you're opening the door to another hour or two of incessant jibber-jabber.

To be fair, there are quite a few racist black folks too, but guess what? Does White America give a flying flip what racist blacks think? Do they respond to the lunacy of a Black racist? No. They ignore his crazy ass (as they should). Why can't we do that? I'll tell you why. Because Black America, as a whole, has always sought the approval of white folks and that is something we need to get away from.

Any individual who harbors that type of deep-seated hatred and animosity is (1) not worth the attention and (2) only hurting himself anyway.

Hate corrodes from within, so allow them to stew in their own vitriol. Don't be a party to the foolishness by commenting one way or the other. Can you imagine how these people would feel when they find that they're talking and writing to themselves? Eventually, it will stop, just as the one-way conversations between you and your beloved child. At some point, little Demetrius gets tired or bored and he's off to sleep or a new adventure.

Emperor Mansa Musa 1, of the 14th-century Malian empire, owned the largest supply of gold in human history. Most white folks will not agree with this fact. What is our response? Say it together.. practice these 5 words that you will say to yourself... "We don't give a shit!" Don't say it to them, say it to yourself and go on with your day.